3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation has helped many of my clients to view their projects in reality before they are built. This can save time and money as it highlights any flaws that a 2-dimensional design may not. I work with interior designers, architects and structural engineers to create 3d visualisations and rendered models for clients, and have produced walk through models for television design departments and property developers.

3d concept designed with Beespace.

3d concept designed with Beespace.

Our Finest Examples

Gray House Developments

Gray House developments asked me to create a 3D Visualisation model of their office development in Kimberley, Nottingham. They wanted to market the property before the completion and this was the ideal way to show the layout and some of the finishes for the communal areas. We left the model unfurnished as this was how the units would be advertised.

“Un-f$%king- real! Looks amazing. Even more buzzing now”

Ben Wardle from Gray House Developments

Coronation Street

In 2015 I started working with ITV’s Coronation Street to construct a Visualisation SketchUp model of the set. The brief was to extend the set using designs and visual references from the art department. The aim was to present a walkthrough model for the executive producers to be able to visualise the proposed extension. The design and model were so successful that they decided to extend the set even further. I continued to work with the team on this model over a couple of years and eventually added the remaining set and Rovers Return.

Hitchen Attic

This wasn’t an interior design project but my clients wanted to see the layout of their loft conversion before construction. The process enabled them to make construction decisions and change aspects of the build before they occurred. This process ultimately is very beneficial as it saves money and mistakes on site.