20 Haslemere Gardens

Haslemere – completed 2020
Photographed by David Gaffney

Haslemere Project Project Haslemere was a residential interior design project for a 6-bed house based in Finchley. The owners were moving from China and the timescale was a redesign of every area, other than bathroom and kitchen, within a 2-month turnaround.

To complete the project on time and within budget, I enlisted Emma, a fellow local interior designer, from Emma and Co Interior Design Studio.

The brief for the project was a luxury family home referencing Chinese wisdom and Eastern philosophy. As interior designers, we were obviously aware of Feng Shui but we had to educate ourselves in a very short space of time. We read books and articles on the internet and applied the Bagua map to the house layout. This informed a lot of our design choices with regards to colours and material finishes.

We used the Eporta project management platform to coordinate the purchasing of furniture and decorative items. We bought furniture and accessories through the platform and also could log products we bought off-platform too. This was the first time we had used Eporta and it was an efficient way of creating a schedule of finishes for the project and keeping a tight control on the budget.

“My house is designed from your heart. I trust that you like it too. I cordially invite you to stay at our house whenever you are in London, this is also your home, as you have given it your all. Once again, thank you.”

– Mr Lu