Residential Interior Design

Home interior design is so personal.

We all have our likes and dislikes and we all live in our homes differently.

At the heart of our residential interior design is function first. We find out your needs, from a storage point of view but also from the flow of your daily lives.

We then discuss your budget and we always welcome your inspiration, if that be in the form of a Pinterest board or a few images sent over on Whatsapp. We then take it from there …. Plot Design can do as much or as little as you require. We’re just happy to help!

Commercial Interior Design

This is your business, so we take our role in the design of your space very seriously. Who knows your business better than you, so we’re all ears. As with the residential interior design, function is at the heart of all our designs, we then make it look pretty. We discuss your functional needs and budget for your commercial interior design project, as well as timeline. We love working with our clients to encompass everything they hoped for and a little bit more. 

3D Visualisation

We have found our 3D design service to be very enlightening for our clients.This can be a part of the interior design process or simply a layout of walls in an HMO, but without a doubt it helps clients make crucial decisions and see their space built before the actual physical build.

The benefits? Well imagine spotting that flaw in the layout before the walls are built.

Imagine the money that could save you.

Apart from the peace of mind of seeing your project visualised and knowing that the right finishes are going where they should be. We’ve visualised everything from building exteriors , film sets and interior layouts. We love to help people visualise their dreams, and see the positive impact on their projects.

The Plot Academy

Do you need to learn how to use SketchUp or AutoCAD Lt for your business or for personal use? We are happy to tailor training programs for you or up to six people at a time, at a location of your choosing. Simply get in touch and we can chat about how we can make that happen. Follow us @plotacademy on Instagram.