Rubiks Head office – completed 2019
Photographed by David Gaffney

Rubiks In 2019 I was to be asked to be involved in the redesign of the Rubiks head office in London. Such an iconic brand from my childhood – I’m of an age where I can remember peeling stickers off to solve the puzzle! #childoftheseventies.

The brief for the design of the interior was to strengthen the brand message of the company and remind visitors that they are visiting a toy company, also being mindful that the building was rented and that there were some furniture elements that had already been purchased.

Rubiks has such a great story behind it that we wanted to use as many of the archive graphics as we could, showing the timeline of the company.

Working with AVIDD design, who were instrumental in the design and installation of the graphics, we created a story throughout the building, starting in the lobby and climbing all the way to the top floor known as the Positive Penthouse.

I wanted to bring an element of fun to the interior design using Rubiks colour palette and graphics. Using the Rubiks brand vision document we created a colourful graphic thread throughout the building giving a nod to Rubiks heritage and puzzle-solving ethos.